Acupuncture For Teen Anxiety And Depression

It is true that technology has seen great development these days. Even though the internet is enabling many people to stay connected via social networking sites, still some people feel disconnected. Many youngsters love to be connected, but this sort of social networking itself brings a feeling of fear, anxiety and what not? You might have heard about teen suicides, many a times recently and most of us think increasing dependence on social networking sites to be the reason behind this increasing number. But actually it is due to increase in the number of teens suffering from anxiety disorders and depression. Fortunately there are alternative and complementary therapies like Acupuncture, which can relieve teen anxiety. So, what is this therapy all about? 

What is Acupuncture?

It is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine. This system works on the idea of stimulating points on our body to rectify the imbalances in the flow of energy. It is believed that an imbalance in the flow of energy is the important reason behind both physical and mental health issues with people. This system is based on the interface of five elements, which has a profound effect on our internal organs like yin or yang. These five elements represent five different emotions in the human body and they are fear for water, anger for wood, happiness for fire, worry for earth and grief for metal. Now, you might have a question as to why this system is effective in treating teen anxiety and depression, here is the answer:

Why acupuncture is effective?

Experts point out three reasons for the same and they are as follows:

Young and healthy: The first and foremost reason is that teens are young and health, so their body can heal quickly as compared to people in their seventies and eighties. So, this system can workout for your son or daughter having this problem.

They are growing: Chinese consider children as the pure yang and when this substance is compared to the cooling substance of yin, it is transformative, active and warm. As the children grow, almost on a daily basis, this is a good thing to heal. As they grow quickly, kids can heal quickly as well.

Positive effect to brain chemistry: Researchers have pointed out that this system, brings about an increase in the production of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the human brain, thereby providing a calming effect. So, it is effective in treating emotional conditions like panic attacks, depression, stress and of course teen anxiety.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, anxiety is nothing, but an imbalance of heart and kidney. This is why pressure points around the ear, spleen, kidney and heart are induced for treating teen anxiety.


Chinese medicine considers depression as the problem with the flow of energy around the body. The main organ responsible for the same is liver, while the spleen and heart too play a supporting role. Here, stimulating source points are present on both hands in between the index finger and thumb and on the feet between the second and big toe.

To sum up, anxiety and depression are considered to be the serious problems not only among kids, but also in adults. If you find that your teen is struggling with stress and teen anxiety, you can take him/her to an acupuncture specialist.

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