10 Self-help Books to Make You Feel Good About Yourself

The self help industry generates thousands of books each day to help people enhance their self esteem. And people spend big bucks on buying these books. Certain books are simply a waste of time and money. However, some books are very useful in coping with low self esteem. In fact, most of the individuals have boosted their morale and lifted their self esteem through these self help books. Following are 10 Self-help books to make you feel good about yourself.

1. Tuesday with Morrie

It is one of the best self help books with a touching story. The old dying man has an unbelievable and magical spirit towards life. He speaks about building quality relationship, doing meaningful work and facing death as a reality. The book is quite small and you can finish reading the book in a matter of hours. The way the book is written captures the heart, and induces the readers to read what the old man has to say for coming generations.

2. The alchemist

In this book, the author highlights the story of a person who is in search of success and happiness. After roaming the world, the individual understands that real happiness lies in his own heart. The story will drive you the way you look and perceive happiness and success.

3. Habits of highly effective people

This timeless book created by Steven covey is one of those books that made self-help books favorites among individuals of every age. The book focuses on seven habits that will make us live a better and happy life. You can find short stories and to do exercises which help you to garner healthy self help habits.

4. Chicken soup for the soul

Written by Jack Canfield, chicken soup for the soul is a powerful book written on self help. The book contains a series of real time stories that inspire readers to touch, inspire and heal.

5. Teachings on love

It is the work of a Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, who is popular for self-help books on the teachings of Buddha. The book lets you know how to build a loving and caring relationship with your loved ones. Pure love and selflessness are the primary teachings of this book.

6. Men are from mars women are from Venus

It is a very useful book for couples who are in loving relationships. The book highlights the differences in the way men and women think, as well the way they look at any particular situations. By reading the book, couples will be able to realize that they have varying differences, but still they can garner a loving relationship through love and care.

7. Zen and the art of happiness

This amazing book tells how Zen perceives the concept of happiness and how you can do it around yourself. The book tells the reader that happiness is not a pursuit, but it is a state of mind. It lists ways to attain long lasting happiness for better self help. By reading the book, you can gain true knowledge about pure happiness.

8. The secret

Based on the law of attraction, this wonderful book is one of the best selling self help books ever written. It encourages readers to think positively and feel good about them in order to attract the same. Various steps in the law of attraction such as visualization and gratitude are explained which can help you to transform your life, if followed correctly.

9. 7 laws of spiritual success

A mini pocket book written by Deepak Chopra is based on philosophical stories. It explains seven laws which you must follow to attain happiness and success. Since the book is very small, you can carry and read it anytime in your free time anywhere.

10. The happiness advantage

Written by Shawn Achor, this self-help book consists of a simple theory which can transform your life, if applied correctly. The book smartly highlights the importance of being happy in order to be successful in your life.

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